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Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday's adventure....

My little wobbly walker.

Fr. and Valia loving Stas!!

Making friends, I think. A peace offering!

Well, it seems the “adventure” was a little different than I thought. We skipped the maternity hospital b/c their wasn’t enough time. Fr. Andrew and Valia drove us to the orphanage and they came in with us. We needed Valia as our translater ;-) and Fr. Andre tagged along. I won’t go into any details here, but it was a “good” experience.
We finished at 6pm and waited for the taxi. And waited, and waited, and waited ( I could write that a lot!!!) At 7pm we thought maybe he got the hours mixed up, he will be here soon. We had no phone, no phone numbers, no idea how to tell us the church (they wouldn’t know anyway!), no way to communicate….Lizzy and I felt pretty darn helpless..we were. So we prayed, we played, we prayed, we prayed, we watched our videos, we laughed, and prayed…we figured when dinner hit Dan would know something was wrong. A half hour late wouldn’t trigger a shock b/c Alexander likes “propositions” (that means I have an idea of something we can do or somewhere we can go….and off we go…no say!), but I hoped an hour late Dan would be hopping in the car for me or something. Okay, 8pm I thought we have one more hour of light, and certainly at worst the darkness would trigger Dan to worry. Well, at 8:15, Alleluia!, Fr. and Dan showed up! As it turns out, Alexander was busy, and sent another Taxi to get us. Um, and just how were we supposed to know that. Well, he told Dan (who he probably thought was with me) and then you would think that taxi driver would say to the two Americans sitting on a bench for 15 minutes while he was watching “taxi Alexander” or “taxi American.” Something? So….we made it back after 2 ½ hours and everyone was relieved. Fr. gave me an extra phone…I think he was very worried. I had bouts of angst…and then I would think…”no, Dan wouldn’t let us sleep on this bench….right?!?!?”
Supposedly tomorrow Interpol will work on our (everyones!) document and get them by the end of the day….or by Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday here. Oh no…another holiday!!!! They like holidays here. Our flight is scheduled for next Friday, if it wasn’t for this Interpol document we would be home this (!!!!!) Friday…oh well, what are we going to do.
Amidst frustration…what can you say but it is all worth it for this precious boy. He will have what God intended for him, a family to call his own. We are so blessed to have him joining our family. God is good! You kids are going to eat him up!! Hopefully he will grow on Ricky, as long as he doesn’t get his teeth on Ricky first!!

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  1. oh no how scary! I would have been getting pretty nervous after an hour :) I think the boys are definately getting on better :) it will all work out wonderfully! Hugs!