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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Appointment done!

This very nice woman at the Committee who conducted our interview.

This worker was very gracious and the appointment went very well. She told us a bit of information about little Stanislav. We learned that he has had an oval window in his heart, whether he still does, we don't know. That was at birth but if I am correct that is common to have at birth. I am thinking that is the same as a PDA. I will research when I am finished blogging.

We believe he was born in Zaporoyzsche, the same region that we are going to. This would make everything much easier. He was placed at 2 months.

It was funny when this sweet young worker said, "everyone is worried when they come to us but we are very nice. They don't need to be worried."

Our facilitator was also told that there are a lot of kids with Down syndrome and to keep bringing people for them. She said they have plenty for everyone.

On the way to the appointment we realized that somebody (not me) forgot their passport back at the house. That was a worry, but our dear hostesses daughter "metro"ed it in to us in lightening speed. Thank you Marishka!

We will get Stas' baby picture when we return with the court decree. We can exchange a recent picture with them for his baby picture. It is very cute--bare with his diaper half on.

Today after touring around Kiev by foot a bit, we met up at the TGIFridays with a bunch of other Reece's Rainbow families and another family who is going for a blind referral (the Doves). Let's see, we met the Reeds, Loraines, Urbans, another MN family, and another I believe that I am drawing a blank on.


  1. Hi Gretchen,

    We will most likely take the train to Kiev Thursday night. However, if you guys get here Thurs. morning on the train, we will most definitely run into you at some point on Thursday here in Zap! :) Will you be staying at the Saborney hotel where we are??? I was thinking you would but then I remembered you had a different facilitator. Anyway, I'm still not sure what time court is or when we'll go to the orphanage after court to get Nadia but I think the rest of the afternoon, I'll be running around with Marina gathering "stuff" while Jim and the boys hang out with Nadia in the hotel room. Would LOVE to meet you guys and of course for you to meet Nadia!!!


  2. I missed this post! Glad to see the info on your appointment. The young woman in the picture is the same one we had. She was very sweet. Not at all scary, like I pictured ;-).

  3. Hey! Thinking about you guys :)

    Gretchen! Are those YOUR shoes???!! Holy Schmoly.

    Boy, does that look like fun at TGI Fridays! We ate there a couple of times. Once with Nancy Thornell, who adopted Svetlana. I guess it's the place to be if you're with RR :)

    Can't wait till you get to Zap!

  4. So excited for you guys! Can't wait for more updates and pictures!

  5. What a joy to meet up with other families. We were able to meet with several our second adoption but our first was very lonely! God bless your journey!

  6. Nice meeting you Gretchen! It was a joy and your children are so well behaved! Hope you have sa safe journey to the region.