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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interpol LOST the document?....oh my!!

But, it is the feast day of St. Thomas More, so we should get this all squared away soon. I have many here at the church praying for our situation.

The SDA got it, sent it to Interpol, they got it, voila....magic....gone! We have Sen. Klobuchar's office working on it and the SDA. Sound like a good combo? Actually, Klobuchar's office has been helpful for such things :-)

What a great day. We had a morning visit which was nice. Dan, Ricky and I hung out with Stas for an hour this a.m. and Lizzy and I this evening. Stas is an absolutely squishy doll, with piranha teeth. I don't think he has gotten a whole lot of oral care to say the least. He just wants to hug and lay his head on my chest. Way too cute. Kisses form Ricky today....somewhat hesitantly, then eventually rather joyfully, hands in the air dancing b/c he was such a good boy for doing so. (Because we applauded him of course!)

Saw plenty of Anastasia and "Russel". Oh my we had such a good time with them. Jenny V.--Anastasia copies everything that i do...she will be great at sign language it seems. She follows commands. Example, when we were playing with bubbles, I gave her the lid and motioned for her to give it to Lizzy. She happily hands it to Lizzy. She tries to copy my mouth motions, played patty cake, and all sorts of things. Oh, she is craving to be touched and held. She will be a major lovebug!!!

Russel is just way too cute and would make some mommy or daddy very, very happy. And how happy that mommy or daddy would be to have him. So cute and tons of pix now. He talks fairly well it seems. "Spa-see-ba" (thank you) he says (without the s--it is hard to say) "ba-bee-ba"---pretty good. I will have to talk in person to both of the moms to give you all sorts of details!!!! They are great players!

Enjoy the photos---AND please, please pray for Interpol document to surface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Oh Gretchen! Thank you so much!!! I am making a scrapbook...and I now have good pics to put in thanks to YOU!!! I am so very glad to hear about Anastasia...Just as soon as scrolled down...I saw those beautiful eyes! I can not wait to snuggle with her and Bella!

    Praying for your documents to resurface...Have fun while you wait...blow more bubbles!

  2. love all the pics of stas and ricky! They are going to be best friends :) still praying here !!