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Monday, June 21, 2010

Please pray!!

Trouble in Kyiv getting our Interpol which is the international background check. We could have been home by the end of this week (Saturday) but we don't know why the Interpol clearance isn't ready. The head of SDA said that people in that agency are vacationing and they divide up the documents and ours could be on someone's desk. Yippy. There is a way we are trying to locate it, but we are in Ukraine, remember. Some word today maybe.

Ricky getting better with Stas. Feeling like Groundhog Day (the movie) as I saw another adopting parent say....ditto. Love Ukraine, love Stas, love vacation, but love my family at home better than being here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for our Interpol document to be found. St. Anthony...please pray for us to find it and please pray for the people to find time to do it :-)

Taya, AnnMarie and Russel are way, way cute. Will fill requests as soon as able. Internet is spotty and have opportunities here and there....



  1. Gretchen, We are praying for you...You have a precious family! Thank you so much for answering everybody's questions...especially mine...You are a wonderful person to take time out to do that!
    Hugs and love coming your way!

  2. Thanks Jenny. I know what it is like to get info on your sweetie pie/pies.