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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 6 with Stas---Communism lesson

So, it turns out that the US can't help because the US Interpol has nothing to do with the Ukraine Interpol process. The SDA has resubmitted our paperwork...uh huh....and now we will see what happens. It is all computerized so it should be done quickly. Interesting how my friend who was here in March also had her paperwork not get processed b/c they were on "vacation."

Today Dan and I went to get Stas' passport pix taken. Very cute. A groupa worker went with us.

What a treat it was to meet a beautiful young woman today--Valya or Valentina. Fr. John told us this a.m. that we would see some people coming on a pilgrimage from Medjugore. It turns out the young woman is from Zaporosche (I spell it different every time I write it!) and lives in the Wisconsin. She started a ministry called Chalice of Mercy to help bring supplies to hospitals and to do pro-life work where she can. She is absolutely beautiful...inside and out.

She gave us an interesting lesson on Communism in Ukriane and how the desires of Lenin and then Stalin made its effect on Ukraine. Fascinating yet awful. Lennon had every church taken down in Zaporosche. In other major cities he let one stay so he could say that he didn't take them all down---"see!" She explained how it came to be that those with disabilities became locked away. Many of you know this...but work was everything and you had to be productive. It seems that our little kiddos predecessors weren't productive and only a hindrance on society. So, away they went. What we see in the orphanages the fallout of Communism. We saw factory (huge!!) after factory today that Alexander drove us past. Crazy.

While I am dying to finish up this process and get home (!!!!), there is one little light I have ahead of me IF we are still here in Zap on Monday. She offered to take me to a Maternity Hospital...wow...a high-risk OB nurse (former--too busy with kids now)on a Ukrainian Maternity Unit. The abortions are done on the same unit. Imagine that! They have been able through their efforts to get large screen tv's in the maternity ward to play on a continuous loop video of the developing baby in utero. I like it--a lot!!!!

Maybe I can reciprocate and have her as my translator at the orphanage??? We will see.

The experience of staying at the church, living among Ukrainians and "talking" to them throughout the whole day is more than a blessing.
I am too tired to post Stas' passport pix. Ricky is crying down the hall from his bed.

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  1. I love that they are trying to educate against abortions. that is wonderful. I can only imagine how tired you are, and homesick for your kiddos :)