Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Thursday, June 24, 2010


This trip has been an adventure. We are so fortunate to be in a place (the Church) where they look out for us. They see to our needs, yet we are also independent where we want to be. We have the same driver to and from the orphanage everyday, Alexander,with whom we have interesting (with struggling language barrier) political conversations. :-) Lenin, Stalin, Obama :-)...communism, socialism, capitalism....
We go to mass daily, have people here praying for us profusely, they feel our frustration, and apologize (truly) for the system.

Dan and Lizzy are currently at a women's clinic to see the tv screens that they have put up in the maternity areas to show fetal development. We love it. We donated 5 more for the hospitals that are asking for them. A couple will be used, with Genya's influence in Kyiv. I will go with Valentia and Fr. Andrew to the Maternity Hospital when they get back to see what it is like. I can't imagine. They will then drop us off at Solnichko. This work with the tv screens is done through Chalic of Mercy. I think I will check them out right now online. She is really a dear young woman!!


  1. I cant wait to hear how your trip to the hospital maternity ward went :) I imagine it was eye opening. Thank you SO MUCH for loving on my baby girl :) It mean so very much to me to know she is being smothered in some loving affection from mama gretchen :) you rock!!

  2. Hi Gretchen. Ours must be misplaced with yours. We have been ready for court for three days now but they can't find our Interpol either. I know how you feel! Big hugs!