Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Photos, photos, photos!!!

Showing off his church outfit.

This is as good as it gets!!!

Stas looks like this is killing him!

Two of my favorite people.

Ready for bowling...at least that's what it looks like, I think.

What an eye Ricky!


Pucker up bunny!

My beauty....Jenny.

MUST taste it and tap it on the teeth first.

TJ told me this was just some deal he made with the toothfairy... I hope!?!

Bunny and his homies.

My nephew....remembering bunny from his younger years...

My niece....they go way back.

Ricky did NOT like the Easter bunny. Bobby took care of that!

Visited the cemetery today. Christina Katherine was buried here back in March 2000. I miscarried her at 16 weeks.
We have three little ones in heaven.

And this....well....this is what I woke up to.
Christ has Risen.....Alleluia!
My cinnamon rolls had no such luck.
They sat like little lumps in the bottom of the pan.
Usually they are spilling out the sides and I am trying to keep them in.
I guess dough gets old, aye?
Happy Easter. We are new. We start fresh. 
Our God is a loving, living God.
He is all merciful.
And all loving.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life with my boys...

Isn't he a love?

Ricky loves life.
A picture we sent to dad ....whom he loves.....when he was out of town for work....      

 Does anyone see trouble here??????? AAAAHHHHH!
Yes, I'm still trying to figure out how to child proof for Stas! Who would have thought that childproofing meant getting rid of every piece of movable furniture. Even slightly movable.

Does anyone know this cartoon character? I don't know his name, saw him on TV. Cracks me up though....red hair and the same blue glasses. Not nearly as cute as my little red-head though.

Well, sort of a lame update, I know. But, I did it. 

Oooh, Ricky is on his 4th  (yes, you read that right!!!) round of strep. Was told it is time for those spongy adenoids to come out.....scary!!! I'm told they harbor the strep. This sounds dreadful.

Blessings to you and please pray for safety for Stas as he is a runner...and in to everything. Please pray for the families trying to bring their sweet children home from  Eastern Europe.