Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Sunday, June 20, 2010


We went to Mass, had breakfast, left Lizzy behind, took Ricky and left for the orphanage at 10am. The orphanage (the baby house which Stas is in is up to age 4 or 6 years old depending upon who you ask) is called Solnichko (or "sun".) We were late getting there because Alexander likes to take side trips. Perhaps you recognized this Jodi?? This is his line, "ah, ten minutes, market, okay?" That is a rhetorical question! He plans on taking you regardless of your thought. It is sweet because he really wants to show you things and to speak English. We ended up with a 1/2 hour visit because they wanted him back at 11:30am to eat. It was just as well. Ricky had a diarrhea diaper while we were there---contained. Then at 11:29am we smelled something coming from Stas. Yes---bad diaper---somewhat contained until they took him in the room and let him scoot across the floor with just his diaper on. Oh my, that explains a lot. At least they put a diaper on him for us to take him out.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Ricky wasn't miserable seeing Stas today. A little disturbed initially, then he even patted the spot next to him on the outdoor play equipment--the truck bench. My trick is working!!!! He is fine when we can see him for a couple hours a day, what about when he comes on the train, plane, and automobile, and even home with us???

On the way back to our "hotel", aka church, we stopped at another market to look for cucumbers for Alexander. They were too expensive--13 cents for a little cucumber if I did my math correct. We went back and put Ricky to bed to learn that now he had a bad diaper---NOT CONTAINED! Ugh. No Halya to interpret right now as she went back Kiev to be there for tomorrow a.m. at the SDA. So I motioned to Fr. that I needed to wash laundry. He must have thought that when I was waving my hands in front of my nose I was just telling him that I will smell if I don't do laundry. He said tomorrow. I realized that it is Sunday...therefore no unnecessary work. I totally understand, respect and appreciate Fr's point. Feeling as though my donkey fell in a hole and i needed to get it out (you have never smelled Ricky's diarrhea diaper????!) I called Halya and she talked to him. He understood after talking to Halya, too. After talking to his superior, we had a washing machine. It is a good reminder to me about the honoring/keeping Sunday as a day of rest (where and when you can.)

I will stay back to hang clothing on the line. Dan and Ricky to orphanage and we will see where Alexander takes them this afternoon. Beach??? Yeah right. Tomorrow though he wants Lizzy to see the museum before our afternoon visit. He also wants her to eat liver because he said she needs it. He is probably right but she will throw up again....just thinking about it. He bought some at the market and I'm wondering if he will come back with some prepared.


  1. In Judaism you HAVE to break Shabbos for sanctity of human life. I think any mommy who has smelled a diaper blowout would agree that it was imperative that you do laundry! haha.

  2. yup. gotta think GOD would undestand washing under those circumstances ;) gross on the liver ...sorry, I would rather have low iron lol!!

  3. I know ALL about those '5 minutes' or '10 minutes' an hour later you are wondering...just what time IS it? But it's all an adventure and you get to see things you normally wouldn't ;)