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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3 --- pm visit

Gretchen, Lizzy and Halya were there. They brought him out in a cute little collared dress shirt and pink flowered shorts...very, very cute!

He is so happy. I will post pictures only because it is late and the Angelus church bells blare at 6a.m., which means so does Ricky. Oh, one thing about Ricky, I have an idea of how to make him warm up to Stas.

We watch videos of Stas together while I hug and kiss him. Brilliant psychology right??? I am hoping so. I say things like "should we play with Stasi?" or "Kiss Stasi" or "should stasi go on the plane with us" should he sleep in your room, etc....

When we watch videos he loves them, or pictures, and says "more,more". Dan thinks I'm dreaming and I think I am a genius. You just wait. He didn't grunt as his pictures today!! That is a good sign.

Think he needs glasses

Kisses!! Will be especially sweet after we get a toothbrush in that mouth!

Oh, and won't someone PLEASE come and get this sweetie!?!? Talk to me if you are interested. I learned a lot today. She is 4 and that means the institution (a forever place!) is around the corner...PLEASE?


  1. maybe remind ricky of the picture the stass has with his tongue out and laugh and make it fun and then play a stick out the tongue game with both of them so ricky will think its fun and also remind him of how he felt when stass was just a picture and he noticed his funny face with tongue sticking out. just a thought..lol he is gorgeous!

  2. Stas is so cute!

    And who is this gorgeous little girl? Is she listed on RR?

  3. that is anne-marie lisa !! she needs a mommy :)
    THANK YOU for getting info on anne marie, can you email me the info :)

  4. Is this really Anne Marie?? She does look a lot like Alina (there was even some confusion about whether they were one in the same child at one point). Her hair looks darker and she looks more alert than her profile pics. I wish there was always a "real life" picture on RR along with a "head shot". Gretchen, fill in more details, please :)...

  5. Gretchen ,
    I am setting up a fundraiser for Anne Marie. I am also, as usual, bugging my husband about her! Can I get any info you have on her?
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these pictures of her! I have been loving all the pictures and following your blog...your little man is SO CUTE!