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Sunday, June 13, 2010

And they're off....almost...

It's 2am and I had no idea it would take us this long to get ready. Wow. But we are ready. We are ready for Stass (not to be confused with Ross). I thought we would pack light, but taking Ricky and Liz just adds up, plus gifts, and pack n play, and computers, etc.....

Please pray!!!!!

Will try to post as soon as we are settled and able.


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  1. We didn't pack "lightly" either but we're going to go back lighter because we've decided to give most of our "stuff" away--clothes, blankets, etc. It's been fun and I think a very good lesson for our boys! (we had them give clothes to Marina's son who is 10yrs. old)

    Hope we get to see you!!! You're going to be pleased with Stass's orphanage I think. Other than the oppressive heat, we're pleased with our visits and how we've been treated, and how Nadia seems to have been cared for.