Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Monday, June 14, 2010

We have arrived.

Here we are. We are at the home of a friend of a friend. Lovely people--we are blessed.
Yes, it is warm here.

We left on a 10am flight on Sunday and arrived on Monday at 10am. Spent 2 hours on the tarmack at the Kennedy Airport. That was fun. Ricky slept the last 2 1/2 hours of the flight. I didn't sleep at all after only 3 hours the night before...yikes. The apartment we are staying in reminds me so much of my Grammy J's house in Tamaqua, PA. (a coal mine town in Pennsylvania) Everything about it. I even drank a cup of tea. It is a funny feeling...I feel at home because of it. I loved Grammy's house.

Our friend Halya is our facilitator and she is precious to us. We love her. We get along beautifully. She is a neat person. Thank you Judi!!!!!!!!!

It was very hard to say goodbye to the kids. We miss you guys. Be good to eachother. Keep following along on the blog....wait a few more days and you should be seeing your brother!!!! Be nice to eachother--oops, did I already say that?

Hoping to meet a couple families tomorrow at the infamous TGIFridays. I drove past it on the way to our place. I don't have a phone until naps are done here, but I will call you Erin when I can. You can email too! I am thinking I shouldn't go on my first night with our host family, it feels a little rude. Please tell me you can go tomorrow Erin, Jennifer and anyone else. Time??

Appt at noon tomorrow. Hopefully all will be well. Eager to move along with all of this...at a fast, cool pace.

Thanks for any offered prayers for our family. We are grateful.


  1. YAYYYYY! You're there! I have been thinking about you guys!

    I can't wait till you get to Zap to your little sweetie :)


  2. Hi Gretchen, Looks like we may see you after all! We won't have court until Thurs. am so if you guys get here on Thurs. am, we might run into you at the orphanage when we're "springing" our sweetie. Unless of course your paperwork moves through faster and you get here on Wednesday!

    Glad you made it and that you're settling in. Which RR families are still in Kiev other than the Urbans?

  3. We're only in Kiev one more night...tonight and then we leave at 5:35am tomorrow Tuesday....SOOOO bummed not to meet you guys and the Ferguson's!!! Good luck with getting your sweetie!!!! I hope it goes as fast for you as it did for Lisa, Jodi and Kristin!!!!

  4. so happy to see your are there and settling in !!! Enjoy every minute and hug my baby for me please !!!!!!!!!! can not wait to see your baby boy in your arms !