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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3 morning visit....Morning visit

Here are a few pictures, heading off again with just Halya while Ricky is sleeping and Lizzy still down not feeling great.

These pictures are of Alexander, Dan, Ricky and I at the River at Oaktree park.

You can see Ricky preparing for his visit (sleeping)

I fed Stas his lunch, he does not chew his food at all, he just swallows and then get this compote (warm juice) with a huge whole in the nipple and he guzzles it dow

Stas getting changed for bed, in his room. Here is also a picture of the other little guy in Stas' groupa.

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  1. Yeah your blog is back on RR!!!! Ricky is to cute!!!! What a trooper he is!! Stas is a cutie too and he looks like he is loving his family! We are feeding Dennis that same way. Not sure how I'm going to feed him that way once we get him. Should be interesting. Glad you guys have some fun/help with Alexander. Glad Jodi decided to "share" him! lol !!!