Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dull day for blogging

Sorry guys, nothing exciting to post today.

Dan and I just got back from the beach. We decided to walk. It was crazy warm. We had no swimsuit, though I wouldn't have looked that bad on this beach it seems ;-) We left Lizzy behind to stay with sleeping Ricky. Good thing. It was no place for her!

Ricky still has diarrhea. Really eager for that to be done!!!! He is not a bread eater...he loves fruit, veggies (cucumbers and tomatoes at every meal here...hope you like them, I do!), and their sausage (glorified bologna, but very good and fresh). That is not a good diet for a boy with diarrhea. We will all survive under a week of this, right?

Halya will be on a train tonight and be here by morning. Look forward to seeing her again.

We did not visit Stas today. We took a break from the orphanage---not Stas. I miss him. I want him, but I want him out of there. It has a certain smell I never care to smell again. I can't describe it. Quite frankly, it is depressing.

I want him to smell fresh air. I want him out. I want to bath him, I want to dry his hair in a towel and scrub his head and fluff up his hair. I want to sing rock-a-bye baby to him after I dry him in a towel...and make the cradle fall...ever so gently. I want to put a real diaper on him, not a rag drooping between his legs held up by a sash tied around a one-piece sleeper with strings hanging over his shoulder. I will put a fresh outfit on him, and he will have a lot of outfits. I will sing to him and he will get on a carpet and crawl to his hearts content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one will stop him. And...get this...I will let him have a draft!! A nice big draft whenever the wind blows and it will make him feel good. He will have his own crib when he sleeps and then when he wakes he will have run of a house, not another playpen in another room to hang out in. No one will step on him, and he won't step on anyone else...okay, I can't guarantee that.

Aah...to be home.

Please Lord, bring us home soon. And also Lord, bring these other children to homes soon. Please Lord! My heart hurts for them.


  1. I can imagine the more you fall in love with stas, the more you just want to RUN out of there with him! You are almost done....almost home :)

  2. hang in there...you are so close...