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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passport pictures today!

Stas is such a happy boy!!!!

Next is AnnMarie (someone please come and get this little love!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And finally, Taya, precious!! A big smooch, and lots of them!!!!

This afternoon Dan and Lizzy (I guess) will go get Stas' pix taken for passports. We have a pass from the director's office to take him. I'm guessing this is his first time out of the orphanage since he first arrived there. I wish I could go but I will stay back with Ricky sleeping. I will get pictures and video. We got a little outfit for him to wear for his special outing. (a Ukrainian purchase.)

Today we hung out with the group under the trees that has a bunch of kids with special needs. There are 4 with DS and many with CP. They mostly look like babies but I am guessing that most of them are pushing 4 or even more. Visited a bunch with AnnMarie and Taya. Way beautiful!!! I told Taya that her mommy and daddy are coming soon and I told AnnMarie that she will have a mommy and daddy, I just don't know who yet. She has THE most beautiful big, bright, blue eyes. Gorgeous!!! She was playful as I put a piece of a toy on her head and she tried to reach for it. I put it back and she knew the game. She smiled and laughed and liked to play pattycake. They sure tie those bonnets tight!!! Wouldn't want them to breath, Oops, I mean fall off. I'm not sure why the bonnets are so necessary in 80 degrees and in the shade, but okay?!?!

Funny things to learn about Ukraine. DRAFTS are bad, bad, bad. The first day when we went in Stas' room they had the breezy crib room door closed. All of the windows were open but they worried about any of us being in there b/c of the draft. They will steam in a car before they will open the window to get a draft. I love that Alexander lets us keep the windows all the way down.....

More later, b/c it is 2pm...lunchtime!!!


  1. oh you are THE BEST EVER !!! I LOVE THEM :):)
    It is so wondeful to annmarie looking so good too :):) still praying on things :)

  2. Hi there! I'm Leah, and live here in Minnesota. I've been reading your blog for several weeks but never put all the pieces together. Ahhhh YOUR Ricky and my good friend Lynda's Ricky...NOW I get it! LOL She had mentioned "the other Ricky", and even showed me your blog once awhile ago, but well whatever! Anyway, I have 14 year old Angela who also has DS, and have just started the process of adopting from EE

  3. Yeah Leah!!!!! Do you know who you are adopting yet? Is is a RR kiddo??

    Nice to blog-meet you!

    We love our new little boy!