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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free Massages today at the orphanage!

We brought some lotion, baby bath and powder to a different group today. Another group that has some special kids in it. Here are Taya and AnnMarie. They both got massages on their arms, legs and face. They got a little backrub and even a tummy rub! It is amazing how these sweeties just perk up and interact more after being rubbed, touched....just stimulated.

We have seen Stas improve in just the last 10 days. We rub him, tickle him, squeeze his cheeks, make him work to sit up in the stroller or on our laps. What a difference it makes. He is still a little squishy pile of love, though. He should be easy on the train and plane because he can't get away from us. He loves to just cuddle in as you can see in many of our pictures. We will have to separate Ricky and Stas though I think b/c Ricky still has a good streak of jealousy.


  1. Gretchen, I just love your pictures. Praying all goes well and you guys can get home soon. Also for Ricky to not feel quite so jealous. I am sure that is completely normal though!!

  2. Oh be still my heart!
    What gorgeous children you are surrounded by!

  3. you are a gift from God my friend!!! I am just checking in today and you have MADE MY DAY!! To see all the love you are pouring into these beautiful children, is truly a joy. you are a wonderful mama and your lizzy is a wonderful girl too !! is that my teeny little taya? and anne marie look at that HUGE SMILE :):) LOVE IT.

  4. AND she is walking???? That is such amazing news, i feared she wasnt yet!! i sent you an email too :)

  5. I will try email..for some reason today and yesterday just says "loading" on email but never gets there!

  6. Maria-
    When you hold her hands she steps one foot in front of the other. She certainly will benefit from therapy, though! She walks a little more on her tiptoes. I don't think, because of the high needs of the rest of the group, that she has the opportunity to walk.