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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sights in the orphanage...from Dan

For any husbands who aren't sure about this whole adoption thing, I thought I would show you my take on the orphanage. I hope I can interest you in coming here. The sights are very interesting.

A view of the bench that we spent a lot of time on with Stas

Of course the boat that the children love to play on

Here is our Israeli friends that we just met today. He found the place very interesting too!

Here is a picture of Gretchen and Stas

And here, I just wanted to show, um, the need for some painting


  1. Thats funny, we are at a different orphanage and Ken has noticed some of the same things you have pointed out!!!! And we too just met a couple here from Israel adopting a little 2yr old girl. He too has the same take!

  2. ha ha. Yesterday when John took Joseph back to his nanny, he noticed that she had gotten a little too hot and had removed her top to cool herself off. However our nanny doesn't look like your nanny! Ours is about 75 years old!

  3. Gretchen, I guess I should have left those stilletos with you!!! Put the blinders on Dan! ha ha! I don't remember seeing the green dress gal at the orphanage when we were there. Can't wait for you guys to get home with Stass!!


  4. By the way...just so you don't all have an image of a stalking husband, I was in on the gag laughing hysterically. He did look like a stalker though. Of course, we have looked like stalkers the whole time we are here, but our eyes have been on all the RR kids.

  5. Our cheer leaders were way better looking plus we weren't stocking them. Dad The cheer leaders and the girl in the green dress were way out of your league


  6. HA. I love Jimmy's response. This entire post is awesome.