Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unblemished...Unplugged...and Unmedicated...sort of...

Stas....Ricky...and the family.

unblemished---adj. not blemished or tarnished in any way.

That is my Stas. He is such a pure soul. I don't know how many times a day we say how innocent he is. All of these kids have a special nature, but, oh, you know, stubbornness and attitude have a way of creeping in. While Stas' first three years of his life weren't all that they could or should have been...he was preserved in a certain way too. Now that my kids have a hold of him, I suppose that should change real quickly. Darn.

Unplugged--adj. (of a performer or performance of popular music) using acoustic rather than electric instruments.

Ricky loves music. Especially his guitar. In this case, he scored. He got down to the music room and got the big boy guitars, not his little Woody guitar. I think he does a darn good job.

Of course...I wonder where he gets this from:


Unmedicated---adj. My family after they have finished treating 6 people for h. pylori and really tired of it!!!

Okay, truth be told at any given time someone is taking a medication, right? But, we are finished with the antibiotics anyway....still have to continue with the Prilosec. We retest in 8 weeks to see if it is gone for good . Another reminder...have you kids checked (not the blood test!) for this right away when you get home and watch out for the gooey, oh so wonderful kisses until then. They are way too irresistible however!Those in the bowl we are finished with...yay!!!


  1. What adorable videos!!!!!

    Seriously, anyone who sees how sweet these boys are will know what a BLESSING they are...and then they'll adopt! :) (Or keep their own blessings)

    It just breaks my heart how many are waiting for families, and what LOVE and happiness they could be bringing some family out there....

    They are truly a piece of God, pure LOVE.

    By the way, I think little Ricky has a musical gene...he's good too!

  2. I love the new pumpkin color of your blog-very Fall-like! :)

    They're both so cute in their own way. Ricky-rock on brother!!!

  3. Yeah, me too! Told you her favorite daughter would change it ;)