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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guess who is 4? Look at the cute things I find around my house.

My sweet Ricky turned 4 today! Yay! Lizzy and Maggie made Cookie Monster and Hopkins (from Signing Time--his sign language video---OBSESSED!) Aren't they cute?? He thought so. I remember waiting in the labor and deliver waiting room for him to be born. I was so excited and so nervous. What would he look like? Would he be sick? How was his heart? How will my life change?

He has enriched our lives (all of us!) in ways that I can't even express. And now Stas...oh wow. Did I mention that I would like 10 of these sweet kids?

Happy Birthday Ricky!!!

And then Stas....he is so cute and he has the hugest mouth!! Check this out. If you zoom in to this picture, you can see his tonsils perfectly. Yes, the ENT would be happy and I see what she means about keeping and eye on those buggers. Please don't be bothered with the playpen. After living in a crib and playpen for 3 years I feel bad putting him in it....but when it's bedtime, and we are all eating cake and ice cream and he has a little mind of his own and can disappear in an instant...we use the playpen. Then again, maybe that is why they did it in the orphanage...minus the cake and ice cream.
Look what cute little things I find around my house..aren't they the cutest things ever?


So...Dan's brother had Down syndrome. He was born in the late 1950's. He died at the age of 18 when Dan was 12. He had a heart condition that these days would be corrected. They didn't do heart surgery on people with Down syndrome back then. Anyway, funny that Molly (my mother-in-law) had 2 very good friends have children with Down syndrome also. Isn't that neat? This is Bill (formerly Billy) who stopped by to meet our newest little guy. His mom was so excited and couldn't get enough of the boys. Bill is so very sweet. He is 40.


  1. Awww what wonderful pics... My husband's cousin has down syndrome and he is 55. He is so funny. He is a huge raider fan and he will defend them to the death. LOVE him

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Ricky!!!

    What a CUTIE he is! He just looks so sweet. like you want to scoop him up and cuddle :)

    And Stas, that mouth! Wow. Adorable, but wow.

    He certainly is a HAPPY boy :)

    And last but not least, Lizzy is soooooo pretty. And she has the sweetest look about her. What a lucky mama you are Gretchen. :)