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Thursday, September 16, 2010

First day of school...exciting and mourning

Off to the first day of school...for Ricky...not Stas. Stas and Ricky will be in the same class together, but we figured we should finish the h. pylori treatment first. Ricky did well and was as happy as could be when I picked him up. It is funny....but he does more after being at school. It is amazing because heaven knows there is plenty of stimuli and interaction at home, but school must do something different for him. That is great.

Ricky checking out his locker

I was very weepy bringing Ricky and seeing where it is that Stas will go. It really broke my heart. First, Stas is very oral so all I could think is GERMS! He will get everything there is to get, right?? On the other hand, he needs the opportunity to learn. Seeing what it has done for Ricky, I want him to have a variety of experiences. He is like a 6-10 month old in many ways, and maybe at best an 12 month old in others. The teachers said don't worry...I'm worried.

I was weepy all day. I mourned what he missed the first 3 years of his life.....really badly. I really think they cared for him the best they could. He was in a high need group. He was not hearing and it was never detected and it probably wouldn't have mattered if it was detected b/c I don't know if they would have done anything different. I would guess that they would say he acts the way he acts (tapping or banging on things and putting his ear to it, or speaking nothing but mamama, bababa, geegeegee and dadada) because he has DS and isn't capable of anything else. That isn't so. I can hope with tubes his world opens up...hopefully a lot....but if not, at least a little.

Anyway...I can't help but think, ALL DAY, about the other kiddos over there across the sea that are still there and will still be there a long time from now without a family to love them. I know God loves them but I ache at the lack of appreciation for their goodness.

Stas checking out Ricky's locker
Working together....that is pretty good!

On a happy note....look who is taking steps...ever since his tubes!!!!!


  1. Oh Gretchen, reading your post made me so happy, and so sad at the same time. Happy for all of the good things, Ricky's first day of school, his obvious happiness, the fact that little Stas has you and his family to care for him, and find his needs and help meet them, sooo happy for his first steps!! Sad though of course for all those left behind. It's so hard to not feel sad. God knows what they have in store for them, and like it or not, He has known all along what their fate might be. But, I believe that even if they aren't brought home, their lives meant something, because they opened our eyes, they made us pray for the lost ones, and they made us think about how the world is toward them, and so many others. Maybe that was their mission in life all along. We'll never know until we are in front of the Lord in heaven and can know all of the answers. For now, unless you are thinking about rescuing all of them (which might land you in divorce court if your hubby is like mine hehe), just pray, and tell people, spread the word about those sweet little faces that you were able to see while you were there. Hug your children a little tighter, and thank God for them. God bless you & your precious little ones. I wish I could just give you a big hug!!

  2. Can't stop crying for them today...and I'm not even PMS! Wondering why...

  3. Ricky looks like such a big boy and you can tell how proud he is to be going to school!

    Can't wait for Stas to have his own locker too!

    Also, hurray for those steps big guy! woot! woot!


  4. You need to highlight the words to read it! Your favorite daughter will fix it :)

  5. Hey! I read your blog in reader, so everything is black and white, but I hopped over here to comment on something, and your text is white on a light background. So nearly impossible to see! I don't remember that before, did something get lost in an edit or something? Doggone it, now I forgot what I was gonna comment on.