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Monday, September 13, 2010

A lot going on!

Finally, in person, I met my friend Jodi last night. It was an exciting moment. Boy did we have some exciting things to talk about!!!! I wish all of you blogging lady-friends could have been there ;-)

We had a benefit at our house with Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket. The money was raised to support Healing Haiti. Awesome organization and very good friends of Haiti orphans. One more reason to love them. We raised $19,000+ just for last night and are so pleased. Ricky was a riot with Glen. He LOVES to sing Glen's songs (Walk on the Ocean, All I Want and Somethings Always Wrong) ...okay, he signs the last word of every sentence and dances around like a nut!!! We do this every evening when we are washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Ricky plays his guitar and sings into anything resembling a mic. Last night, he sat in his private lounge chair and watched the concert....as timid as could be. When Glen came in we brought him into the activity room and showed him Ricky's dancing. So there was Glen watching Ricky sing Glen's songs....funny moment. When Glen would join in the singing live Ricky would drop to the ground in either a moment of amazement or utter humility....I don't know!

THEN....today we heard Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik in person in Minneapolis. We are trying to get him for next year!

Dan's eyes closed!

My eyes closed!

John signing Ricky's guitar.

This is for all my blogging friends...I had to laugh..."have you read my blog today...300 million little USA's"


  1. Boy, do you guys get around!

    You must have a really high metabolism or something.

    The party was so nice, we really enjoyed it. I had so much fun playing with Ricky and Stas (glad for my handy supply of hand sanitizer) :)Stas was just adorable and so friendly! Ricky is as cute as can be, but he didn't seem to like me all that much! Ha!

    And thank you so much for my beautiful necklace!! I just love it! :)

  2. You both are pure E-V-I-L! I would have flown out there if I had known about the secret party. According to the guy in the video's song, you both must be slices from the same pie--prune pie that is! My true blog friends are slices from the best apple pie ever with sweet vanilla ice cream on the side. ha ha

    Just kidding. I think it's just amazing how blogging can connect us all in so many ways. I do hope to get together with you guys one day (Gretchen for the 2nd time although the first time was a blur). That would be a total hoot!

    Thank you Gretchen for the diamond earrings! Oh, wait a minute, those were from my husband for our anniversary...I guess the ones you got me are in the mail?

    Love you both!!!