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Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is why you check for h. pylori when your child comes home!

I'm thinking I'm even missing a couple! Color coding is a must. This is just h. pylori treatment...not our other meds. To clarify...Stas came home with it. I treated it improperly. (...didn't know the Prilosec is a MUST--he threw it up every time I gave it to him---everything in his stomach---I though it was only for symptoms, not treatment, so I stopped it--only 50-60% effective plan to kill h. pylori without Prilosec!) In the meantime, thought we were okay and we kiss and blow raspberries in his mouth, Ricky and Stas and I share food, etc....and we ended up with 6 of us total with it. Doesn't help that I tax my kids food and take a bite of everyone's food---BIG Goverment! Maybe I will lose a few pounds by not stealing my kids food!!

HAVE YOUR CHILD CHECKED RIGHT WHEN THEY GET HOME FROM EE!! You can eliminate the whole family needing to treat. And don't share your saliva until then :-)

One more thing....gross....but, do stool checks not blood tests. My recommendations. They aren't as effective. I had a negative blood work. Not convinced. Stool was positive. (You didn't know stool could be positive, did you?)

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