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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Down Syndrome Day!

Today was the Buddy Walk in St. Paul, MN. Now referred to as Step Up for Down Syndrome. We were so glad to see RR there handing out brochures. I made this guy give it back to her and re-hand it to her. She handed out tons of them!!! Yay! It is just too overwhelming being there with all of those cute people in one place!!! I met her son from Serbia. What a doll. This was Stas' first walk...even if we didn't walk and stay back to feed the two boys....oops...I just realized I forgot pictures of Stas and Ricky at the walk. That was foolish. Oh well!

When we were in Zap, you may recall we met Valentyna...let's call her Val because I am sure I mess up her name. I call her Valya too, but that is confusing with Halya.....

Val lives in Wisconsin, is from Zap. Her family lives in Zap. She is there through November giving/taking Medjugorie tours/pilgrimages. I am hoping my friend who is there gets to meet her since they will stay at the same place! Anyway, while we were over there, one day she was talking about her friend in Wisconsin who has this organization for Down syndrome awareness...Footprints...and talked about the symbol of the footprint and we knew just what she was talking about as we had these shirts with us in country for just that purpose! That was fun.

So today, we saw her friend at the walk. Here is a message for Val, Valya, Valentyna from her Wisconsin friends :-) I will have Fr. show it to her..... Goodbye for now!


  1. Who??? Who adopted their child from Serbia???? Can you put me in touch with them? This is like the 6th year in a row that we missed the walk! UGH! Every year we have to choose the walk or whatever other event has come up. This year it was Special Olympics bowling practice for the area tournament thats coming up in a couple of weeks......sigh....Angela's calendar is just too busy! I'm so glad you had fun though!

  2. Pretty sure this was the family, Leah:

  3. Looks like a fun day!

    Cute videos. Lucky to have nice weather too :)

  4. Hi Gretchen! I would love to see that picture you mentioned on my blog. My email address is: mefick at gmail dot com. I'm so glad Stas is doing so well! I still want to see Ricky dance (I remember you talking about his moves on the yahoo group a while back) :-) Such cute boys!!