Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Anne Marie again! Look at those eyes.

Now if only I could get my voice off of that video...blasting on the cam. Turn your volume down so you don't have to hear me ordering Lizzy around to get in position. Poor Stas was a prop and it was lunch time. I was determined to get that sweetie on video.

This is sweet AnneMarie. I wanted you all to see her in action and see just how beautiful she is. She always had her eyes locked on us. She is very observant. Did I mention I love her?


  1. You know, at one point there was some confusion about whether Anne Marie and Alina were one in the same child. I do think they look a lot alike! Anne Marie seems so sweet, and she needs a family soon. Praying her family finds her from seeing this video!! What a love!

  2. she looks like she so desperately wants to get up and walk on over to lizzy! I just ache for her..she wants and needs love so bad :(
    Maria :)

  3. She is absurdly precious. Too cute for words. Come on, where is her family?