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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lizzy's video

Larger screen on my blog.


  1. Such a beautiful montage. I'm still in awe that the orphanage workers allowed you so much "freedom" with photographing and videotaping. We were given the clear impression that we were to mind our own business and just play with Nadia. I guess they could just tell that you and your family are sweeter than we are. :)

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  3. Ha! Nope! They didn't know that we were actually posing with kids in the background on purpose. They were probably just happy that we went along with their "advertising.":)

  4. Hello, our family is adopting Anastasia M. Do you mind if I post your video on my blog and link it back to your blog? Those babies need some advertisement!!! I just cry every time I see AnnMarie now...and pray so very hard for her family to step forward!

  5. Oh my goodness, that was precious! What sweet spirits, every one of them. I am praying that this video helps to find families for Anne Marie and Alexander (and the others who are not yet listed with RR). Great job, Lizzy!