Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looks like lover-boy has some explainin' to do!

You see that shirt on Ricky?

I guess it is my own fault...leading him into such a life. By the way, I would never have let any of my other boys wear that shirt. It was just somehow okay for Ricky...until now.

I've been trying to figure out just what was wrong with Ricky. Feeling YUCKY for soooo long. The culprit ..."the kissing disease" .......................MONONUCLEOSIS!

Looks like Stas and I better watch out!!!! We might be next!


  1. Really!?!?!
    Oh that poor little guy!
    I had that when I was a kid and I STILL remember it I felt SO BAD FOR SO LONG.

    Poor Ricky, but at least you know now why he's been feeling bad for so long.

    Darn shirt. It probably started the whole thing....

  2. hey, how come you wanted me to get rid of the verification code when YOU still have one...?

    Or wasn't that what you were talking about.

  3. I didn't know I had one!! I hate that thing!!!!

  4. Our boys! Dash was walking into Hobby Lobby the other day when he saw one of the female employees standing outside taking a break, he politely turned to us and said, "Is that a hot lady?" Granted he saw it on a cartoon but I had to laugh...mono, hot ladies, what's next?

  5. Oh no! Hope he gets better soon. What cutie pies you have. :)

  6. My son got that out of the blue one time. Weird! Hope he feels better soon!
    Hey, I wanted to let you know that I quoted you on my last blog post. I just loved a comment that you made on the Yahoo group. Let me know if it's a problem. (Got ya curious now?) :) www.fillmoresjourneytoanna.blogspot.com

  7. No More Kissing! ha ha ha

    When my son, Michael, was about 2, he was sitting on my husband's lap watching a football game. Before my husband could change the channel, a very voluptuous blonde appeared on a commercial and my 2yr. old said, "I want to sit on her lap!" A chip off the old (father's) block. That's one of the reasons I homeschool him! ha ha

    Hope Ricky feels better soon!

  8. Poor Ricky...hope he feels better before Christmas!!!

  9. Hey Kristin...was he still nursing at the time?!?!?!?