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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun, Oops, Ouch and Grrr!

Jenny donning Ricky for the outdoors to play!  FUN!

She is my sweet little caretaker for little kids..she loves the boys!

Ready to go...except the boots.

Jenny getting Ricky's boots on.
Off they went to play.... meanwhile back in the kitchen...there was Stas....that's the oops part!
Do you see he seems to be bothered by something with his tongue? Poor  boy.
He MAY have learned about putting his tongue on cold metal  :-(

Ouch! One more reason to keep the refrigerator/freezer doors tied closed...not just so Ricky doesn't steal food from the refrigerator.
 GRRRR.....from me.
 On a good day...yesterday WAS one of them...this is what my laundry room looks like...

 I heard sounds coming from the laundry room and just had a bad feeling.......the kind that says two boys have been naughty....


Do you see any remorse in that look?

You know how they say the laundry is never done? Well I know that is true at my house! The problem is Ricky loves "folding" laundry and Stas loves throwing loud plastic things around. A bad mix in my laundry room!


  1. LOL too cute about the laundry. Cute for me but not for you LOL...

    Awww poor thing sorry about his tongue.

  2. I love Ricky's hat. Stas is just a handful, and the laundry....Let's just say I would have had to walk away for a moment...I hate laundry and my kids go through about 2 outfits a day each. Yuck, did you make them help clean up or did you put them to the curb? :)