Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Friday, November 26, 2010

I love company, especially Uncle Matt!

He has a way of making everything just a little more fun. Okay, a lot more fun. He is also Stas' godfather.

Ricky has been sick for a while and not eating. I think Uncle Matt had the knack for getting his appetite back :-)

 And today I did just a little bit of shopping. I didn't have anything that I set out for. No doorbusters! I just woke up, everyone was sleeping and I decided it was a great time to sneak out while 13 other people at my house were sleeping. (And that was one meal, and one blown-out diaper which I didn't have to fix or clean up after--- ----YAY!)

This is what I got! I thought Ricky would run away from it....
I guess he had enough of it though!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Gretchen! I'm with you! If I had had 13 people at my house (and a potential blow-out diaper), I'd have gone shopping as well! :)

    Is the snow still on the ground? We woke up to snow flurries here in PA on Thanksgiving morning! Fun!

  2. If I had that to look forward to I'd still be shopping, wait I do have that to look forward to, oh well. Glad you got that cute hat, I love it.

  3. funny! Is uncle Matt your brother or Dan's brother?

    Did you go shopping by yourself? Too darn cold to go out and do anything!

    Sure hope Ricky is better soon.

  4. Matt is my brother from Indiana. I went shopping all alone!!!!!!!! Just for kicks.