Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Friday, November 12, 2010

The boy loves to dance!!

Ricky loves music. If he is sad...play music. If he is sick...play music. If he asks for music...PLAY MUSIC! Dan was in Detroit and went to a John Ondrasik concert..(Five for Fighting writer/singer) and this guy singing was the warm up...Matt Hires. All music needs Ricky's approval. He was a little cautious at first...uncertain...and then he busted out the moves. Stas was actually dancing a little on his own too (not just playing with the plastic plate). That move Ricky does where it looks like something must smell.....that is his version of the submarine move! It happens to be the same thing he makes a stinky smell so it cracked me up when I saw it.
PS: Stas is walking a lot now!! Hoot hoot! He makes me let go of his fingers so he can do it on his own. Not bad! Video to come soon. My boy is really taking off in so many ways....did I mention I just love him sooooo much!


  1. Ha! What a hoot! Before you know it, you'll have both of them dancing up a storm.

  2. Hi Gretchen! Love the video of Ricky dancing!! He is full of personality!

  3. Ricky is cuttin a rug! That is some mush pot you got there...a mush pot of two! Love it.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  4. ah, yeah. I think you've mentioned it a few times now ;)

    But it's always good to hear a mama say she loves her babies!

    Ricky has more rhythm in his pinky than I have in my entire body! ha ha.

    He's about as cute as they come too.

  5. Finally a dancing video! I've been dying to see him in action! BTW, my boys would loooove to be at your house in the snow. They've only experienced snow a couple of times. We can trade houses for a few days so you can enjoy the sunshine and we'll enjoy the snow! :-)