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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ricky's in the Rockies.

That title just sounded good...we are all in the Rockies with Ricky.

If it looks like a mic....it is a mic!!!! Ricky loves to perform. He is finally able to utilize some of those Signing Time "Great Outdoors" signs here: like mountain, stream, and trail.

Cute...isn't he?

I don't want to know what Ricky is telling Stas! Again, this has a certain look of the kiss of Judas.

Ricky really is doing much better with Stas. He is still a bit rough with him, mostly (I think) not knowing his own strength, but as far as the jealousy EVERY time I do something to/for Stas, he is doing considerably better. Praise God.

The gang...in the Rockies. It took 16 hours to get here....but we did it in 1 day...yeah!
Kisses from Daddy at the top of the Mountain....at the Continental Divide. I carried Stas up the mountain this evening when we went to get a good high look at the sunset. I couldn't breath. It's amazing how winded you get in this altitude. I can't say I am in the best shape to start with. But it was so cute because while I was struggling to catch my breath throughout the climb, Stas' little puckered lips would be coming at me and I would be "forced" to kiss him. Those lips are irresistible. Even when you're sucking wind.

Figured out why Stas threw up last night out of the blue...and why I'm so extra tire.....ALTITUDE! Now I understand what the t-shirts mean here: "Got Oxygen?"


  1. Looks like fun! It's so beautiful there!!

    hey, that doesn't look like the Motel 6 where we had to stay. Did you rent a house?

    Have a great time :)

  2. Rented a nice house in Keystone a co-worker owns with a couple of his friends. Here it is. http://www.summitcove.com/reservations/?PropertyID=227