Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Anne Marie.....this is her alias name. She is a beauty. We spent some time with her and I could tell you about her.

Will you please look in this sweet little face and consider adopting this little love. I would go get her right now if I could. I can give you information about her and would be happy to talk to you about the region in which we saw her---where Stas was. I can even offer you a great place to stay, where we stayed, at a Church. It is a region that you CAN do more quickly than the others. She has a heart murmur so will need her heart checked when she gets home.

I woke up thinking about her today---again. (Oh, and little Alexander!) I know God has put her on my heart for a reason. I just love her. She turns 5 years old in a short time. It is not known when she will be sent away to the "mental institution"---FOREVER. In this orphanage they are generally sent away by their 6th birthday, but some certainly don't make it quite that long.

Every time I do a simple thing with Stas and see his delight (just getting him out of the carseat and seeing him reach for me with that sheepish, excited grin) my eyes just fill-up with tears because, twofold---I know that if he were there he wouldn't have these simple delights of reaching to his mama's arms, and then my mind flashes to seeing the other children in their cribs and I want to put them in that car seat and see them smile just like him. And they would!

Please, please pray. Please pass this website on to others to consider. My heart just hurts for these little princes and princesses of our loving God. They are such gifts!!!


  1. Wow! I've missed quite a few of your posts--probably because you're posting at lightning speed and I was on "vacation speed mode". :)

    Ironically, I had a dream about Anne Marie right around when you woke up thinking about her. My dream was that we had to take Nadia back to Ukraine for some type of evaluation and they sent us to the mental institution. The doctor there said, "Oh, Nadia will be happy because she'll get to see one of her friends"...it was Anne Marie. :( I'm praying that somebody goes and gets her VERY SOON!!!

    P.S. Loved the pictures of Stas on the swing, etc. He is so darn cute!

  2. I dreamed of her a few weeks ago too...that I woke up and found myself in her orphanage, and began to look for her, couldnt find her, and someone told me that she was gone. They didnt say where....just gone.
    Oh I am so scared for her!