Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good eats...and naughty boy!

Stas never learned to chew because he had a porridge consistency of food shoveled into his mouth. I think the food was nutritious, I think he just never had to learn how to chew as a result of his feeding method. So therapy is in full swing! In a few short weeks (3 visits?) we have made some significant progress. He is chewing on his chew tubes now...that is good to build up his jaw strength.

I basically take what we are eating, chop it up in the mini food processor, and add applesauce or summer squash soup. Before he just ate it. If a piece was too big he would choke, gag and even throw it up. I can tell he is making progress because he has learned to separate the chunks that he doesn't like and spit them out. Pretty good, eh? Well, I am older and wiser and I have figured out how to keep it in. I even put little mac and cheese noodles in his mouth and he was moving them to the back of his mouth and I saw a little chewing....yay!

Beef fajita, cheesy mexican rice, cheddar cheese, sour cream and applesauce

Macaroni and cheese, chopped greenbeans, and summer squash soup

Chicken, green beens and applesauce.

Chicken, rice, carrots, and applesauce mush

You would never guess this one........philly cheese steak with fried mushrooms and onions, pureed, with water added for proper consistency.....Mmmmmmmm!

Now, as for the naughty boy part....

Ricky is not always keen on this Stas fellow yet. I'm sure it will come, but it is definitely a challenge and you must know both of their whereabouts at ALL times.

Started off looking innocent, right?! It always seems to start this way. Stas has a look of fear when he sees Ricky coming for some reason!

Look at poor Stas' face.

Ricky's way of saying, "All's well that ends well, right?"
Pray for Ricky....
Maybe it is better to pray for Stas!

I'm sure that was a kiss, not a bite, I think....


  1. What a hoot! Brotherly love at it's best!

    And the food...well, I don't think Stas got that physique from being picky....

    Haa ha ha ;)

  2. I brought Elijah home last year at the age of 2 1/2. Caleb was 6 1/2. I still can't really walk out of the room without something happening. It can be just swapping a toy of Elijah's to pushing him off the couch.:( But we have made a lot of progress and Elijah (although he can't actually say the words) comes and tells me or starts yelling as soon as Caleb starts messing with him. But you know what's funny is, they really love each other, can't wait to see eah other in the morning, want to do everything together. If I give something to Elijah, he waits so I can give him one for Caleb too and visa versa.

  3. Ah, yes. The "gruel" at the orphanage as Jim calls it. They told us Nadia couldn't swallow either but she's now eating PB&J sandwiches as well as crackers and other crunchy/chewy things. However, she has quite an aversion to pizza, hot dogs, and french fries!!! What's up with that???

  4. Stas looks a bit worried there no ? lol..poor kiddos they will be best friends, even if they dont know it yet :) love the umm...meals ? very yummy looking :) clearly he loves it-he is a healthy looking babe.

  5. He'll be eating cheeseburgers and pizza in no time! Your Ricky seems alot like my Ricky at that age!!