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Monday, August 9, 2010

Care to offer any optical opinions--please?

Okay. Stas needs glasses. Fun! Not really. You see Ricky was 9 months when he started wearing them and wasn't coordinated enough to know how to take them off, thus, he got used to them. Stas will not keep them on, but we must try, right?

So, I know the pictures aren't clear (because I had to take them so quick before he ripped them off!!!) but please offer me your opinion on which glasses color and shape you like the best.

I wish this was a better picture of these blue ones in this shape. I like them.

My kids voted this green pair. The bummer is that they won't match his outfits as nice! Ricky and Stas share everything and all of their clothing is blue. (The difficulties that vanity brings!)

Bright blue. Not the same as Ricky's.

Bright, light blue.

Keep in mind that Ricky has this pair.......

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  1. The green ones are my favorite, but if you're going for blue then the top ones.

  2. I like the top blue pair the best, they look good on him :)

    Yep, I have more than you. (in my head I'm going 'na na na na NAH na'.....)

  3. I'm going green, too! :) Too cute!

  4. I like the light blue!

    It is well-known in the DS community that there is a a magic "window" for glasses wearing (and hearing aids) and kids with DS. Either get them on the kid before a year old, or don't bother until sometime after age 4. Its that "throw" factor! Here's the thing...he can't SEE with them on! When you put them on, he can't see with them. His brain is used to processing information a certain way, it can't process the information with the new lesses so he can't see with them, so he's going to throw them. Assuming he's farsighted like most kids with DS, wearing them for 10 minutes at a time and working up isn't going to do much for him. (although your eye doctor will likely tell you differently! Dr. P. at Northwest Eye clinic will NOT!) As soon as that 10 minutes is up his brain is going to say, THANK GOD and go back to processing the way it was. The fastest way to glasses wearing is to find a way to keep them on as long as possible, (duct tape?????) preferably all day long, as soon as possible, so the brain starts to process the new way of seeing and STOP processing the information incorrectly.

  5. Top blue round pair - first ones! Handsome!

  6. The profile # is how many people have looked at your profile, you can see the number when you click on your profile. You're at 546 or something like that....so that means.....there's more 'na na na na NAH na's' coming. he hee.

  7. And WHAT!!!!!!!!

    I actually knew something computer related that Gretchen didn't know!?!


    Did you feel that? I think the world just stood still for a minute!

  8. I like the blue ones at the top too. And the only reason Jodi knew about the profile view is because I TOLD HER! Don't let her fool you. She is still at the bottom of the class for computer savviness!:)

    I just bumped you up to 48 in your followers!

  9. I have no idea where the Daniel thing came from. Still puzzling over that one. No, I only signed in as myself on both your and Jodi's blogs. :) Now you're tie...I feel so special at this moment! :)

  10. Click on "View my complete profile" underneath your profile picture/words.

  11. Green. Give them each a signature color :). (He looks cute in all of them!)

  12. You girls crack me up! Ok, so the glasses opinion... I like the first blue ones and the last blue ones. :)

  13. I LOVE the green pretty cool!

  14. WHAT!

    You stink too.

    What'd you do, have sweet Lizzy click it 400 times!?


  15. Who me...what do you mean "have sweet Lizzy"...she can be a cheat all by herself. By the way, silly Lizzy, when she kindly signed on as a follower yesterday on your blog, she didn't realize that she didn't sign on as MY follower. So we took care of that. Whew! oops...does that leave you behind me now...darnit...I didn't mean to do that to you.

  16. You girls are a hoot! LOL!!

    I choose the green ones. Way to cute. Do they also come in another color that they could order if you do not like green? The second blue ones look somewhat like the green ones but for some reason the green just looked cuter. LOL!

    Hey I did not know how to find all these numbers either.


  17. I like the top blue or the green as well ! I already am a follower, Ricky and Stas demand our attention ! :)

  18. i love the top pair..the others are too much for his beautiful face :) you gotta watch that jodi,.always "na na na-ing" everyone ;)
    call me we can chat :)

  19. I'm loving the green retangle ones. I understand one can definitely be too "matchy-matchy"! He's such a cutie pie!