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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I get it!

I finally realized that most of Stas' actions and motions are because of his difficulty hearing. I will have to get pictures of all of his different motions. He puts his ear on everything and "does the worm" with his hand. This morning I was blow-drying my hair and he cocked his head back and forth, grabbed the cord, put it to his ear while his hand does a funny motion on the cord, moved up bit by bit until he got to the blow dryer. Once he reached the blow dryer and realized that is where the sound is coming from he hits his ears and is clearly excited. We know he hears a little, but it is a lot of work.

Next Wednesday is the big day for him. He will get PE tubes and I am so excited. Unfortunately if I wanted the PE tubes done quickly I would have to wait on the ABR hearing test to check if he is capable of hearing. All of the audiologists were unavailable. Hopefully we will see a remarkable difference and not bother with the ABR. It needs to be done under sedation. It is the same test they do routinely on newborns. I don't have a problem doing it at a later date if need be....will see.

Did I mention that Stas is so darn cute.

Everyday I think about getting another little one. I can't tell you how many times a day...... It's not that I feel we NEED more kids, I just long to have these little bugs! They are precious. Would anyone else consider getting all of them so I don't put it on my shoulders. I LOVE Down syndrome!!!

Please pray for Stas. His tubes are going to be done on Wednesday, September 8th.

Please pray for Anastasia who we met, is deaf and is absolutely precious. Her family who is coming for her was told that she is being transferred. Please pray that she stays put at the baby house until they come. Their dossier is so close to going!!!! Hang on their Anastasia!!! I love her. Oh, she longs for a mommy and daddy...brothers and sisters...a family. She is not alone.



  1. Let me know what you find out about his hearing. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I've been a sign language interpreter for 25 years, and have worked with kids with a wide range of hearing related issues. Then there is Angela who is 14 with DS who has been in hearing aids since she was 11 months old, and we've been through about every problem with them you could possibly have. LOL (well, funny ironic, not funny haha.) I also use Cued Speech, depending upon which metro district you're in, I may have taught the system to one of the SLP's in your district. The other thing is, if his hearing is THAT significantly damaged, it's unlikely tubes are going to make much difference. It could be he just has a mastoid bone full of sludge causing even more than typical conductive hearing loss, but that level of loss you're describing sounds like more than that. The child we're bringing home, who knows how much hearing loss she has. She likely has some level of damage given her craniofacial issues. I think the ABR will be on the list of things to do the very first time she has to be sedated or put under anesthesia for anything.

  2. Yo don't have to say it, his smile speaks for itself.:) He is ADORABLE!!!!!! I'll be praying for his surgery to go smoothly.:)

  3. Praying it all goes well. Joaquin's tubes did wonders for him...expect for him to be totally overwhelmed by sounds when he gets out of surgery :)!!!! overwhelmed in a good way :)!

  4. oh sweet stas. prayers it all goes smoothly. oh anastasia! I hadnt heard that she may be transferred :( that just makes me so very sad..

  5. You're so lucky! You have TWO little angels to love and to love YOU!!

    I think I would be perfectly happy with a whole house full of little ones like Ricky and Stas. Pure sweetness :)