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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and more!

My kids are not happy about my choice of Christmas trees this year. I don't know why! Ricky thinks it is cool. He was a little protective of it.....This is a Stas proof tree. If he knocks it over...which he certainly will, no one gets hurt :-)
Posting a day early because tomorrow I will likely be busy. How about you?

I think Stas' Christmas thank you's may read something like this:

"Dear _________:

Thank you for the box of _________. I love the BOX!


Isn't Christmas Great????
This is our Christmas card this year. Enjoy!

Have yourself a blessed Christmas. Say a prayer for all of the sweet orphans who won't be celebrating this Christmas. Please take a moment to ask if you are being called to parent one of these precious little loves....and boy are they lovable!!! Please spread the word about Reece's Rainbow so next year a number of these children will spend Christmas in a home with a family....father and mother, brothers and sisters, a squishy bed and soft blankets. A nativity set and a Christmas tree (no matter how small). Kisses and hugs. Wrapping paper and boxes. Some gifts to open...but none better than the love of a family.

May the love and innocence of the Christ Child fill your hearts and minds this Christmas. Welcome Him as you consider welcoming another precious child :-)


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  2. Dear Gretchen,

    I think your tree is adorable :) I loved the picture of your whole family from your Christmas card. Tomorrow is "Gotcha Day" for our Julia. What an amazing Christmas. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


  3. Merry Christmas Gretchen! Your family is wonderful and I'm thrilled Stas will be spending his first Christmas with his forever family!!!

  4. Love the pic of Stas that's your header now. Too cute!

  5. Merry Christmas my friend, I hope it was a wonderful one!

  6. I love the tree! It looks like Ricky is looking at it sayin "what! THIS is our tree"???
    You know ours was the same size, but at least yours is real :)

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :)