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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kingpin or second fiddle?? Which is he?

Ricky is struggling with what his role is now that Stas has invaded his turf. Ricky has gotten everyone's "favorite" vote for a long time, and now "you-know-who" (as we refer to Stas when Ricky is around) seems to have worked his way into our hearts at a rapid pace! The poor fellow is feeling rather dejected. I suspect he will get over it, but I must say, I sure feel bad about it. He can't stand if I do ANYTHING for Stas. Even wiping his face while he is eating. At lunch today he cleared his whole tray from the highchair to the floor. What a mess. He kicks his legs and throws whatever he has. I suspect that Ricky's inability to talk to us (except for sign that doesn't tell us a whole bunch about what he is thinking) is even more frustrating b/c he clearly has a lot to say.
Ricky was upset with every push I gave Stas. Not that that stopped me of course!

On a different note...we suspect that Stas is hearing very little. He hears a snap, so it is good that he is hearing something, but he doesn't seem to hear me when I enter his room and greet him with sweet mama greetings. I was 3 inches behind him in the crib and he wasn't hearing me and then I snapped and he turned around in delight. An ENT appt. on Tuesday should hopefully tell us something. Will see.

Perhaps we will have one guy that can't talk and one that can't hear....should be interesting.


  1. oh poor little guy :( his turf has been invaded. He will adjust slowly.. lol. I hope you get some answers for sweet stas. I wonder why he cant hear? Is it the ds or ear infections? I am still plugging away with my senators. what a slllllloooooowwww process :(
    hugs :)

  2. Wow- just got caught up on the blog!! He is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to meet him...
    Poor Ricky... he will find his place, though, and this too shall pass!!! :)

  3. Ricky will come around eventually but you're right, the non-verbal aspect makes it even more difficult. Josi was her most "aggressive" with friends and family before she could verbalize her needs, etc. She was definitely more prone to push or hit when she was feeling "left out" of things with kids especially. I know it must be difficult to watch Ricky go through this, though. I'll be praying for the transition in the Thibault home!

    On the hearing note. I'm more encouraged since Nadia's tube surgery but I won't be convinced she's really hearing a lot until her audiological exam on Aug. 13th.

  4. What cute "desserts" you have! So glad you are home. Very touching to read about the little ones left behind. Hopefully time will help with the rivalry between the boys.

  5. Can you believe how blessed we are ???Oh my word, thank you SO MUCH for all the sweet stories and support :) love you !!