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Monday, July 5, 2010

I dreamt about her last night...

Thank you Heather for making this beautiful picture.

I couldn't get precious AnnMarie out of my mind last night. I dreamt about her and eventually woke up with her in mind. I have been praying she will find a family.

AnnMarie has heart problems apparently, according to her caretakers. They said that when the heat gets bad she has to go into the doctor's office at the orphanage for IV hydration.

She is beautiful. After rubbing her body with some deep pressure/stimulation...it's like she just "woke up." She played peek-a-boo behind the stroller and caught on to the back and forth pattern of play.

I still cry when I think of the orphans left behind.

Stas is such a lover. He is so gentle. These children are lovers.

AnnMarie needs love...please search your heart for her.


  1. Believe me, you are not the first, or even the second...to dream about her! I keep praying and working for Anne Marie, I dont intend to stop until she is home.

  2. This little girl will never understand the "power" she has over so many...She visits so many of us in our dreams...I know she will soon find a home where she is loved and can continue to grow and experience life...

  3. There is a line of dossiers already there, waiting to be submitted and more are being mailed every day. Ours will go into that pile...they are submitted first come, first serve, and only 3 per week. I was told it would be weeks before ours was even submitted, once it gets there. So, that is how we will be held up.

    Don't you think I cry EVERY SINGLE DAY that I don't have my son home?

  4. Thank you so much for advocating for these beautiful children. You have made them "real" for so many people! I can only imagine how they haunt you....they should haunt us all. we should all make the sacarfices to save them...if we CANT adopt, then we should advocate and donate to help others! The stories you have shard with me, about anne-marie , alexander, and russel are so special i cant imagine ANY of these babies in an institution...and no one should stand in there way of finding loving homes.