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Friday, July 9, 2010

The groupa under the tree

As you know, we were eager to reach out to the "children under the tree." They were a group that is all children with special needs, some much more severe than others. Our (Reeces Rainbow's) little Taya and AnneMarie are in that group. This is a message from my new German friend who is adopting from the same orphanage as Stas. God bless her. It does my heart GOOD:

"Things are definitely on their way up under the tree. This morning there was not only an old lady with a triangle, singing songs to the children, but she also had some puppets with her and was telling the children a story. The strollers stood in a circle, closer together than usual, so the children could better see her. I wanted to join but the old lady was not pleased to see me, in contrast to the other caregivers who happily waived, so I did not stay long. The show continued for at least another 30 minutes as I could see from afar. :-)
The Israeli couple moved to open-air-germ free-shows now. Yesterday I asked them if they could eventually sing a song to the group under the tree as well. Imagine - they had already done it earlier in the day! They told me that the children were not reacting too much but that there was one physically severely handicapped boy who got very enthusiastic about the music. The Israeli guy allowed the little one to play the guitar while he himself was doing the chores. :-)"

AMEN! Thanks Andrea!!!! And good luck next week...I hope things start moving along more quickly...I will be praying!

Here are a few of our pictures you have probably already seen of some kiddos under the tree:

Lizzy and AnneMarie
A little guy with DS--I don't know anything about him

Taya and another little guy with DS


  1. love it. Makes my heart happy to know people are reaching out to the sweet kiddos.

  2. Any idea who the sweetie is in the orange and pink? Will they get their chances to be listed on RR as well?