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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can you hear me now?

No, the doctor said Stas doesn't seem to be hearing much. His tympanograms were completely flat. So we are getting tubes as soon as I can schedule him with the ENT, urologist and dentist. Poor guy. Tomorrow we have his teeth and heart checked and then hopefully soon we see the urologist. Then we can get tubes, fillings and circumcision all done in one shot. Yes, ouch! She said Stas' tonsils are worth keeping an eye on and Ricky's are a 3+ (4 is the worst!) so we shall be watching them too. She said kids we DS can be the toughest to have tonsils/adenoids out. This is when I am glad that Ricky still has a Mickey (feeding tube) in....it comes in handy for such things!

Eager to hear the cardiologist say that his heart is great. I suspect he will have an Echo tomorrow. I love Dr. Singh!!! He is the best cardiologist EVER!!!

Blessings to you. Please keep us in prayer. Please pray for all of the kids that need families. It seems that each day I am caught off guard when I think of the orphans and cry....actually weep. My heart says that next year this time we will go back for another.....I will have to let God tear that out of me if it isn't His plan.

Goodbye for now.



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  2. Thank you Caroline. I will keep in mind your suggestion.

  3. Join the "tubes" club! You're smart to have the dental work done while he's under. I didn't think of that and I'm quite sure Nadia has at least one cavity. Oh well. Luckily for us (and for our kids) the tubes surgery is quick and with an amazingly easy recovery.