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Friday, May 20, 2011

Stas update

I can't thank you all enough for your prayers. I must say, they must be working. Since Stas was out of the ER, I have not noticed ANY pain, he doesn't grab at his face...he doesn't seem at all bothered by it. He is only bothered by me messing with it. I have to keep it all lubed up with Bacitracin and wash it before...ick, I don't like that part.

Every day he is making progress...even from beginning to end of day. If I wasn't so tired I would show you a progression of pictures so you can see the healing. But even these pictures say alot. Two pictures from yesterday, two from today...

Thank YOU!!!!!!!


  1. It brings tears to my eyes to see his sweet face. I'm so thankful for the progress you are seeing each day! This has to have been so very hard on your mama's heart. (((Gretchen)))

    Praying for continued rapid healing and no pain for Stas.


  2. Oh goodness Gretchen! Poor baby! I feel so bad, and am so grateful it wasn't any worse. Love you all - give Stas a big Browning hug.

  3. Stas is one tough little dude. His guardian angel must be watching over him day and night. Love you, sweet friend, hugs to all.


  4. So glad to hear he's doing okay -- so scary how fast accidents can happen. We're keeping him in our thoughts!

  5. Ohhhh, I how I love him!! YAY!!!!

  6. Thank you for updating us, Gretchen. We have been thinking about you guys all week. Stas really looks like he is healing well.

    We will continue the prayers,

  7. Poor little boy...glad to hear he's healing well. How did Ricky do with his surgery? That's a tough recovery!

  8. We had been praying for Stas so I showed Oksana these pictures. She said "Oh MAN!" and now she has decided that her imaginary friend should be named Stas! I'm so glad to see that he is healing well!

  9. Thanks for the update. I'm one of Christie's friends and I've been praying for Stas since she told us what happened. I'll include a prayer of thanksgiving that he's doing so well.

  10. He looks SO much better already! Josi asks about him every morning and we've been checking for an update so needless to say she was happy to see one this morning. I'm also glad to hear that Ricky's recovery has been pretty smooth--what a blessing!!!

  11. So glad he is doing so good and healing so well. Sending up prayers for you both.
    Hugs & prayers

  12. Aren't kids resilient, I tell ya, they can do something that will scare the pants off Mama....and then two minutes later, forget it ever happened. And they don't seem to feel pain like we older people do. I'm glad he's doing better, and not suffering to much. I'm sure that was a pretty big scare.