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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poor, poor Stas!

This morning
Last night
Poor Stas.....

It has been a crazy couple weeks. We are just trying to finish up with Ricky's tonsil/adenoidectomy recovery when we had another little complication.

Stas' guardian angels have to work tirelessly to keep him safe...no doubt.

Boiling water had just been poured in a cup when Stas decided to open the fridge and freezer...a favorite thing to do. When we went to tie the door closed he zipped over and pulled the mug down on to his face, neck, chest and arm. I wasn't home, got a phone call telling me he was on his way via paramedics to the Burn Center at Regions Hospital. Hysterically I traveled there to find my very sad boy who was needing all four extremities bound to keep him from trying to tear the pain off of his face.

After a while, the Fentanyl, Pat-a-Cake, and Itsy Bitsy Spider kicked in and we were good to go. We spent the night in the hospital, not knowing how he would handle it and because his eyes were swollen and they wanted to keep an eye on them.

He slept through the night. Praise God!

We will be seen in the Burn clinic in a week to change dressings. He has to keep Bacitracin on his face at all times heavily. He has dressings on his arm and chest.

It is amazing how quickly the skin is healing. He looks so much better now then he was 8 hours before now, 8 hours before that, etc....

And one other thing.....the person who was with him when the burn happened is WONDERFUL!!! I'm sure they feel awful and if ", etc.... Stas is always one step away from an accident. It seems like it is a matter of time...always. So, as they said in the burn center, "this is nothing, tell her we see it all the time and this is nothing compared to what we see."  We LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you for your outpouring of prayers. You are all awesome people in our lives, and the life of Stas. I thank God for you. Keep praying.



  1. Awww... poor lil guy!! He does look pretty good though...and yes, it could have been worse. Gretchen, you KNOW I KNOW how you feel, since Stas and Timothy were cut from the SAME cloth! I hope that whomever was with him at the time can forgive themselves, it was NOT her/his fault!! Praying for a smooth recovery!! Hang in there!!

  2. Oh poor baby! And I feel just as bad for the person caring for him at the time. They're called "accidents" because we can't predict them. We can only do our best to prevent them, but little kids are often faster than adults, and I swear they have more hands and feet than we do, which all stretch to 5 times their length to reach things we think are out of the way. Many prayers for all of you as you get through this.

  3. Thinking of you and especially thinking of Stas! We've all been praying here....

    He's quite the trooper!!!

    And I do feel bad for who was with him :( my goodness, the number of times the same kind of thing could have happened to my kids is just a testament that guardian Angels DO watch over them...because I sure need the help!

    I hope she realizes this wasn't her fault...and that no one thinks it was. I know she has a heart of gold <3

  4. I'm glad you did a post, Gretchen. My kids have been asking me all day, "Have you heard how Stas is doing?" We were all glad to hear that he is doing well and we will continue to pray for a quick recovery.

    Thinking of all of you,

  5. I'm so glad you posted pics cause I was imagining much worse. He looks really good all things considered. My Danny is also 1 step away from an accident at all times. No ingrained sense of danger or fear. He's also obsessed with opening and closing the fridge. Many prayers for a speedy recovery and no lasting effects of the accident. And whomever was watching him....it could have been ANY of us....our kids are quick as lightening and we can't predict every single move...accidents are going to happen.

  6. I've been praying for Stas! My prayers continue for quick and complete healing.

  7. Hi Gretchen,
    Christie T. has been keeping us up-to-date and on a prayer warrior mission. I am so relieved to see that you blogged about Stas because, even though, I do not know you, I was so worried about baby boy.

    I also feel bad for the person who was watching him. This is SO common like the burn center workers said. Plus, kids are fast. Super fast. Mine surprises me every day.

    Will continue to pray.

  8. Oh my! Stasi, you have to slow down, bubby! We have been praying for you sweet boy. My heart just aches for you and the scare you put your mommy through! God bless the person who was with you, this was not their fault. HUGS!!!!


  9. So glad he's ok and healing up fast!

  10. I'm so sorry. I didn't know about this until just now. Poor Stas is right. Makes me sad for him going through that pain and fear. Praying for him now.

  11. Bless him, I am so sorry. We will continue praying that he and his skin make a complete recovery!

  12. We spent our prayer time during morning devotions concentrating on Stas. Josi was especially concerned and asked about him throughout the day. I think most people have some type of burn story. My husband pulled an entire pot of boiling gravy onto his chest. I'm not even going to tell you Jodi's burn story but let me just say it's great blackmail material--especially if we could get our hands on any pictures of the event. tee hee. Anyway, please give Stas a hug from us and we'll be praying that he tolerates the medicine, etc. Hope Ricky is recovering well!

  13. Sending love your way and Stas' way... You will be amazed how he looks by the weekend once some of that swelling goes down and the redness subsides...but then it'll start ITCHING!!! but we aren't gonna talk about that... love you, love all of you and give Stas a smooch for me, on a non burned area preferably... Oh, and give Ricky a kiss too... aww heck just kiss em all!!!

  14. Poor lil guy!! I am so glad you posted an update and that he seems to be healing well. These things do happen. I tipped boiling water onto my own hand out of a pot I had just moved to keep the kids from getting it. Sometimes things just happen and I hope your friend won't be too hard on herself :)

  15. thinking of your sweet boy. One of my boys is always in accident waiting to happen mode also. hugs to you and your family. and sweet baby Stas

  16. When I read the email come thru the RR board it took my breath away. I've been praying steadfast for Stas. My thoughts and prayers are with you and and especially with Stas and the person who was with him at the time it happened. May God lay hands on both of them to comfort them.


  17. Poor little guy. I feel for him. I am relieved to read that he is already doing better than the first day it happened. Big hus to your whole family.

  18. Oh Gretchen...I am just getting caught up on blog reading. I'm so sorry. I know that is my worst fear with little ones! I'm so happy to hear he is healing quickly! please post updates soon!

  19. My one year old did the SAME THING, but luckily, my tea was not quite as hot. Her skin turned red - no blistering. Could have easily been just as bad, though... Wow. Kids are quick, especially when we turn around for a split second. So, I know how your caregiver feels. Hope Stas heals quickly.