Just when we thought that our plate was full in life, God dished us up some dessert!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Sweet Deal!!


Go to this site above, scroll down, look for the long list of yumminess and bid bid away on some treats to help bring Brian home.

As you eat each yummy cookie, or bon bon or whatever tickles you palette, you will remember that you helped bring this sweetheart home!

Today is the last day....QUICK! Some very kind people are pouring their love into each yummy treat that is made. Don't look at the going rate for a cookie! Don't look at the going rate for a pie! What is the price of a child? This little guy just turned 5! Yes 5!! Do you know what that means? It means any day he could be saying good-bye to the only home he knows and heading to an institution. Why? Because he has Down syndrome.

I look at my boys and want to curl up in horror when I picture either one of them in a place such as that. A mental institution for a little tiny boy. An innocent tiny boy. Doesn't that KILL you? It does me.

Look at my boys! Look what love does.

Go back up and look at Brian and see his potential and the financial burden that his family has to bring him home. It costs a lot! It is worth it but SOOOO difficult. Can you help ease the burden just a little (or heck--a lot if you want!!)?

Please pray.....please bid....and if you are on a diet....FINE...don't bid on the cookies, just give them a donation on their site. It is so easy to do. Look for anything on there that says you can donate on-line. Or send a check to Reece's Rainbow marked for the Burger Family Adoption Grant.

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  1. Those are such cute pics of your boys...especially the one of Ricky, I just love that!