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Thursday, March 31, 2011

iPad2 Giveaway and more!!!!

Before you read anything else...go to this link below and ignore everything else that I say:

The Burger family is working very hard to bring their Brian home. There is great fear that this precious soul,
will get sent away to an institution.

Hidden behind a locked gate forever. Never to even see a car drive by!

Life in an institution vs. Life in a family with loving momma and papa, 2 brothers and a sister? 

The decision is easy.....he needs to be home...and FAST. Please do whatever you can to bring him home.

Tons of prizes.....even if you don't win the iPad2!

Entrance Details:

$10 = 1 entry

$25 = 3 entries

$50 = 8 entries

$100 = 20 entries

$150 = 35 entries

$300 = 80 entries
Go HERE to find the Chip in at the bottom of the posting....you wan the one that says iPad2 Giveaway!
Good Luck!

Blessings to you for your generosity!

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