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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You can read this post HERE or just read below......honestly it is probably better that you go to Renee's site to get the best effect!!! Below comes from my friends blog. She is bringing this beauty home....but she needs the money first! She is supposed to travel soon. Look at that face!!!! Oh my!!!
Nine more days.... $1,295 to go.  Paisley has $2,245 in her FSP.  God is bigger than that, right?  If you've already donated, thank you. If you can't donate, please spread the word on your blog or facebook or twitter or carrier pigeon.... We need your help!!


Four pieces, four prizes.  For every five dollar donation you make you get a chance to win!  Leave a comment either on here or on the chip in when you donate to let me know which one of these fabulous pieces has stolen your heart.  I asked, you answered and here are the pieces ya'll picked for this here giveaway...

First Up....
This Beautiful Charm Bracelet
Isn't it gorgeous?  You could slip this on with a white t-shirt and blue jeans and the fabulous would just take over... I love it!

What's next, you say?   

Crystal and pearl bracelet


All you have to add is the little black dress and Lawd have mercy on your husband.  I bet you could hear a stiletto drop when you walk in the room!  Cha Ching!

I know, I know, there's more...

Edwardian Button Ring.  The pearls, the black, the flowers, the gold, and it's adjustable.  Think water weight.  Nuff said.

Finally, the Pièce de résistance or that fine looking cross necklace we all liked...

Can you feel it?  It just got a whole lot fancier in here..

These four fabulous pieces will make you feel as fine as frog's hair and twice as jumpy.  But in a good way.  Now if that ain't enough to get ya'lls blood pumping and ya'lls checkbook smokin, how about this.

Okay, here's where it gets good... Ya'll ready?

 If someone makes a 100 dollar donation there might be a little of this going on...

That's right, if someone makes a one hundred dollar donation, I, Renee Tam, will take a pie in the face and post it on my blog.  Paisley, I love you. :) 


Now, ya'll all know if I'm going down I'm bringing the two amigos with me.  So, here it goes:

If our total gets up to 250 dollars, Mama Grits, the Kim Houser, otherwise known as that other crazy Alabama woman, gets a pie in the face and yes, I will be posting that picture when it happens.

250 dollars people, let's wipe that smile off her face.  I'm thinking she needs a little makeover. 

Oh no, I didn't forget about Menskat.  Michelle Enskat, not really Miss Alabama 1992, the current reigning Miss Crazy Britches Alabama 2011.  Well, let me give ya'll a hint about what we got in store for this blonde bombshell...

If our total reaches 500 dollars then Michelle Enskat will dye her hair pink.  You just thought I was crazy, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Good-bye Blonde, Hello Bombshell...a big pank colored Bombshell.  I just love pink, don't ya'll? 
Have ya'll had enough crazy yet?  No, I didn't think so either.
See these three guys...

My husband, Steve.  Hi Steve that sure is a cute baby
 you're holding....

Wait, Grits is married? 
What up Eli?
Otherwise known as Pa Grits...

Noah, that would be Menskat's better half.  Noah, I feel for ya...

If our total reaches 2000 dollars these fine specimens of manliness have promised us to go out in public, make that to dinner, looking a whole lot more like this...

Steve "Pigtails for Paisley" Tam, Eli "Sugar Lips for Sveta" Houser, and Noah "Queen for a Cause" Enskat.

Now, because crazy loves company I am giving Grits and Menskat part of the proceeds from this Fundraising Gone WILD jewelry giveway.  As ya'll all know Grits is adopting a precious little one and Menskat said she'd give her share back if we reach the 2000 mark but she has like 20 kids so there's no tellin with her...

So there you have it.  Our Jewelry fundraiser gone wild.  A five dollar donation gives you a chance at fabulous.  Be sure to tell me which one you're hankering for when you donate.

We have until March 26th to raise 2000 dollars.  Don't let Sugar Lips down.  Do it for the kids, do it for the inner badonkadonk beauty that lies in each of our husbands.

The countdown starts  NOW!!

Make it happen.

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