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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you see?

Oh, this video was hard to watch. The children in the orphanage are so beautiful! Every one of them. Withered limbs from lack of use....bones. Unable to reach out for touch...fearful. Grasping for touch...absorbing. They must dream...those who can. I can only hope that the others love the world they live in and they see Jesus' face in everyone....everything...in their innocence. That they feel loved, somehow. Some look so lost....empty. I don't think I can visit kids in an orphanage again. I don't think I could leave it without leaving a huge piece of myself behind. Once was hard enough.

I will post pictures soon of the little boys. My third child turns 14 tomorrow!!! Pray for Ricky---please! He has been really sick. You name it. Stomach bug, Respiratory bug, and strep. Miserable!!!!


  1. Well THAT hits you right between the eyes.

  2. I reposted this on my blog after I saw it on Facebook this morning. I showed it to Steve, who was in tears, there has to be more we can do... And I will keep praying for Ricky, I bet he is so tired of being sick, poor buddy. How are you, my friend? besides super busy??

    love finds a way,

  3. Hi Gretchen,

    I thought I'd watch this before I started making dinner. Very Powerful! Sort of hard to make dinner now through the tears, but this must be seen by all to help them to understand the harsh realities of the situation.
    Praying for Ricky!

  4. Hey Mom :)
    I know exactly how those kids that visited the orphans feel. They say it so well. Maybe you couldn't bear to go back, but it one thing that I would definitely do again- of course I'd love to adopt another kid, but if I can't do that, I would do so much to be able to on a mission trip like this...

  5. I'm glad I popped onto your blog. (You've probably noticed I haven't been on blogs much lately). I must have watched this video 5 times today and cried more each time I watched it! I love seeing teens 'get it' and having their hearts broken for the things that break God's. Thanks for sharing!