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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is in a name?

Well, when we first learned our little guys name, we thought we would change it. We toyed around with a few different name and nothing was sounding right. It came to me one morning...Tommy...that is it. Everyone woke up and I told them it doesn't matter whether they like it or not, this isn't a democracy.He was Tommy for a full day. Well, nightfall came and we gathered for family prayer: "Dear God, please be with our sweet little Tommy. Tommy? He's not a Tommy!" We all shrugged our nose in agreement. After passing out ballots and email polling people.....we gave up. Actually, we didn't give up. I believe we were just struggling because we were supposed to just keep his name all along.

Introducing, for those of you who don't know....STANISLAV. That is his name...and that shall be his name. I love it now. It is endearing. We first chuckled and now it makes me melt. I'm told the nickname there would be "Stass" or "Stassu" (pronounce "Stosh" our "Stoshoo." ) So it is.

My thinking....the sweetie pie is an orphan. He has owned no-thing. He was given a name, and I'm not taking it from. I don't want to confuse our precious boy...who might be just a little confused soon, already. His life is going to change dramatically very soon. I'm in no way saying that it is wrong to change a name. This is just where I am lead on this one and we all seem to feel the same. The funny thing is we all started with a chuckle and a long search for the right name and we ended up back where we started...just happier. We still chuckle at it though!!

Bobby, Lizzy, Jimmy, Charlie, Jenny, Maggie, Ricky and Stass!!!! (okay....maybe Stassy!)

As for the above picture...I got a couple umbrella strollers for our trip. I got clips to attached them. Lizzy strapped Stass (via photo) into the adjoining seat from Ricky. Ricky fed him chips and smiled at him. Then out came the tongue. The very first time he saw this picture of Stass --he stuck his tongue out. He did it every time he looked at the picture. I didn't catch on right away and finally realized it is because Stass' tongue (silly me) is sticking out. He definitely needs to have a speech therapist get their hands on him. He seems to need a good deal of oral-motor therapy.


  1. I cannot WAIT to see Ricky with stass!

  2. I was the same way....I didn't really like his name, yet didn't feel right changing it at all. And I'm really a 'name' person, I think about names all 9 months when were expecting :)
    So it was a little hard to go with Artiom, Toma, Artoma....Not all that crazy about any of them....but its HIM. It's what he know's and who he IS.
    So, we just say it with a smile and go with it!