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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bummer news

Well, my facilitator did contact me today, but not with the news I had hoped for. She said they did not have our date yet. Apparently the person who schedules those invites in the country was on vacation so things got behind. Now they are working on dossiers received on April 22-23. We submitted on May 6th. It isn't quite as bad as it sounds because there was a long weekend in there plus another weekend---but still---bummer!!!!

Me and patience don't go well together! In order to go when we had hoped, Lizzy would miss almost 2 weeks of the end of school--not ideal but doable. In actuality, it is best that she finishes with everyone else so perhaps that is the blessing (?)

I will trust that God's timing is just a little better than ours. It isn't that common that you are told to call the adoption department, but our facilitator was told to call on Thursday or Friday and she would be told if they had our date yet...so I will try really, really hard not to anticipate anything on Thursday or Friday.

Please pray that all goes smoothly for us. Please pray that our sweet little guy is well cared for today. Pray he feels love. Pray for his caretakers and their families. Pray for our facilitator and her family.

We just want so badly to hold him...he looks so sweet and squish-able.



  1. Ugh! I can soooo relate to that disappointment Gretchen! Hopefully you'll hear by the end of this week, though! He'll be home before you know it and I'm going to make every effort to see him if you're not aleady over there when we're there!!!


  2. I totally understand your disappointment, I'm with you! I did notice that several families submitted on Apr 29 received their appointment dates, so that's a little bit better :) We're getting closer to our little ones!!

    Jenn in Georgia

  3. I'll add your blog to my reader list! Thanks for saying hi. Look for me in Kiev! :) Ross is adorable!

  4. someone on vacation. that makes sense. no wonder it took so long!! my dossier was submitted april 28 and we just got a date so hope yours comes quickly!