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Saturday, February 4, 2012

If you think you are done....you're not!

Hmmm...what do I mean by that?

When I read this scripture before, it meant only one this to me:

"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible. to act."  -Provers 24:12

It meant adopt...adopt....adopt.

I found this posted on another blog when we were adopting Stas. We came home with Stas and I felt I had no other choice but to go back to adopt another, or even two others. As we settled in, I realized that would be impossible, unless I had a couple of live-in help. The desire didn't leave me and it was painful. I had seen the plight of orphans with disabilites. I wanted more than ANYTHING to go get more.....heck I could even hire people and start an orphanage here....a humane family orphanage...something like that.

Life continued, it really was truly impossible. I prayed for God to take the desire from me if I wasn't able to adopt, but not take the passion for the children. I still ache with every face I see, but I know my calling is different now. Not to adopt, but to do everything else that I can for them.


Fund-raise for the families that are adopting!

Advocate for the families that are adopting!

Donate myself!

Do all I can to make the lives of the orphans who won't be adopted better!

When we were in Ukraine, we met Valentyna. You have never met an all around more beautiful person. She loves God with everything in her. I have never seen anyone trust God like she does. He always provides "just what I need, nothing more." She has the biggest heart for the impoverished and abandoned of Ukraine. She is trying to meet the whole person...the spiritual part never is forgotten.

She started Chalice of Mercy and the miracle that take place through the work are indescribable.  She is humble and knows where any credit goes. We are instruments in His hands. We are His.

Val is sending over a 20 foot container to Ukraine filled with items for the hospice they are supporting. Another 20 feet has been added to go to Kalinovka, the same "orphanage" in the region where Stas came from and where he would have gone in the very short future. Not so. He is home!

I wanted to share with you pictures of SOME of items that we were able to collect here in MN to sent to Chicago to board a container to go to Ukraine. Then we are going to videotape Valentyna translating our therapists instuctions on PT, OT, and speech. Explaining what they are doing and why. We will make a little instructional video. Low budget! But something.

We have to do what we can.

All of us.

If your eyes are open, you must act.

God knows we know.

He holds us responsible to act.

I want to do more....we will do what we can.

Look at these beautiful wheelchairs. This isn't even the therapy items that are going to Kalinovka. And all of the new mattresses for every person at Kalinovka! ALL of them that Chalice of Mercy is sending over.

Just needed to show you our former orphan!!! Love the joy!

Thank you Mike! You are awesome. Mike agreed to send our items in his trucks to Chicago.....thanks BJ Transport!
Please pray this all gets to them in March as hoped for. Please pray more good things come the way of the orphans....families are a nice touch.


  1. This is awesome!!! Every part,awesome!
    I'm hoping I can visit the institution soon, and then get pics of all the things in use! :)

  2. I wish we could do something like this for the Lost Boys. I know we talked about it at one point.... Sigh Sigh Sigh!!

  3. oh my!!!!! you are beyond awesome how happy am i to find you on here xxx