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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I would if I could....

I would adopt them all if I could. I can't. My heart literally aches for these children. The children who were abandoned in Eastern Europe at birth because they weren't "perfect." I know God doesn't make mistakes. They are all made in HIS image and they ARE PERFECT.

While I can't adopt them all...because I am only one person....I can do my part.

I know what I must do.

I can reach out to those who can adopt....

And I can work to improve the lives of those who are not adopted into a family. 

I have an amazing opportunity. 
We all do. 
What part are you able to play?

The director of a mental institution (the very institution that Stas would have gone to by the time he was 6 years old) is a wonderful man. This "home" houses people with disabilities ages 5-35. (sigh) He has been there several years and is working to make a difference in a place that was not well cared for prior.

I was setting out to gather Physical Therapy equipment, just good thing for building strength, etc...for the people of this "home." I was looking looking for these items: good quality treadmill, therapy staircase, good quality stationary bike and more. I still need these things...but the list just grew.

This is good.

Amazingly, I have been given a list from the director of the needs they have. The items in blue are the ones that I am supposed to procure. But, everything on this list is needed.

How will this get to Ukraine?

Chalice of Mercy is the organization that is working to get these items. This is a 501c3, based here in the US, but is supporting the needs of the most vulnerable in Ukraine.  Sisters Mission Outreach, based in Chicago, will be collecting the items and be responsible for the shipping. Any items collected in Chicago can go straight to them. Any items collected in the Twin Cities will come to me and I will have a truck going down to bring them. If you are able to send me anything thing here that can go through the mail, I will add it to my shipment.

When you look at the list below, do you know anyone that is connected to retail, hospitals, nursing homes, hardware stores, etc... Any therapists that may have extra equipment. I know my therapy place said they get things donated and they could give them to me. My church has a couple extra wheelchairs, etc....

Do you have friends in Chicago that have connections?

Please let me know or email me at dgthibault@comcast.net if you are able to help in any way.


Massage tables (preferably with adjustable/tilt head) - 10

Variety of hand massagers

Air mattresses (preferable king size to be used to take bedridden children outside)- 4

Tarps (to cover the ground and protect the mattresses or equipment)

Inflateable pools - 3 pieces (the size 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft and 6.5 ft x 10 feet) for bathing children

Large Exercise balls (Yoga balls) - 5

Disks with cartoons, CD with sounds - birds, river, sea, etc.

feeding bottles - 100.

Diapers from 12kg to 24kg - 10000

Wheelchairs (up to 12 years) - 5

Other Wheelchairs - 10

Matresses for children  with a waterproof cover from age 6 to 15 years - 50.,
Adults - 45 pcs.

Play pen (to take children outside) - 5.

Lifting machine for bedridden children - 2

Sterilizing lamp - 5.

blood pressure monitor - 3 (Automatic - 2)

Glucose monitor with 1000 strips

Anti bed sore pillows - 50.

Electronic scales for weighing bedridden children (weight 50 kg, height 1m70sm) - 2

Athletic shoes for boys:

sizes 12-4.5 (European size 30 to 37)  - 40 pairs
sizes 5-11.5 (European size 38-45) -  65 pairs
sizes 10.5 to 11.5 (European sizes 44-45) - 2 pairs

 Adult size (width 5+ feet)  - 45
 Baby - 30

Thermometers – 20

***We are also looking for ANY physical therapy equipment that would be useful to the children/adults of Kalinovka.


  1. Can you use formula? i have been given probably 24 cans of powdered formula and 24 juice box sixe boxes of boost complete nutrition for children that were going to be thrown out- they are expired just as of end of December and the boost as of 01/22/2012 let me know and i will ship it to you asap! brendanurse@gmail.com

  2. Hi id like to donate the 30 baby blankets would toddler be big enough??plse email me at amomentintime@live.ca so we can touch base about shipping etc thanks..

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Gretchen! I've been praying for you guys!!!

  4. Can you let me know if anyone is looking for ostomy supplies-I have a box of some supplies and am looking for anyone overseas searching for some-I can send to you if you are not locall. I found you through Leah at Garden of Egan.

    1. roselovesorange---
      Let me check into that. I would think so....but I must check.
      Thank you.