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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My sweet boy has an ABR in the morning...

Please pray as he will have this under sedation. Should know all about his hearing tomorrow!


  1. Praying for conclusive results! Nadia has her hearing test today as well (sound booth-not the ABR) so hoping we also get true results!

  2. praying for the boy! You're probably already home by now. Email me if you want. deanleah at comcast.net. For Kristen, how old is your Nadia? If she's under age 6 or 7, I would skip the booth and do the ABR. Having worked with kids who are deaf or hard of hearing for 20 years, it is the ONLY definitive test for hearing loss, particularly in a child who has cognitive differences when there will forever be a question as to weather or not the gave accurate responses to the test.

  3. I'm late posting but I hope all went well. You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care,

  4. Thinking about him....praying it goes well, I'm sure it will :)

  5. Hoping you received some great results :) call me when you can. ((hugs))