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Sunday, April 25, 2010

While we wait...

We are hoping that we will hear, maybe Tuesday, that our dossier made it to Ukraine. I'm thinking we will be traveling in early June...we will see. Our plan is to have Ricky (3 1/2 with DS) and Lizzy (14) come with us. I just can't do it without Ricky...though I know it would be a whole lot easier to travel without him...repeat, a whole lot easier. That said, I can't do it without him. He's coming and Lizzy will come to help. She is so good with him. Sweet deal for Lizzy. Our new little guy's birthday is June 14th, and Lizzy's is a few days before. How special is that? We really have something to celebrate. Jenny's Gotcha Day was June 18th of 2000. It is a special month for sure.

I have begun packing. I have a suitcase out and I'm throwing things in as I think of them. Went shopping today for some new, little, stimulating travel toys. I need them for Ricky and "Ross." I suspect Ricky won't much care for the fact that this new little boy in his life will be encroaching on his turf, but that is what every sibling has to deal with when a new little one comes along, right? He will be wonderful for "Ross". I suspect it might take a little time, but hopefully the trip will be a chance for them to get to know each other without everyone else around.

This is a picture taken this weekend at a photo shoot for a campaign called "Everyone's Genes are Different"--we all wore jeans:-) We will have an opportunity to share our adoption story of Ricky on the Minnesota Genetic Counselors Associations new website. I am hoping that the love we have for Ricky shines through and that parents who just feel truly unable to provide for their child will consider adoption instead of abortion. With a 90% abortion rate among our kids, there is no doubt a lot of misinformation and fear. Hoping Ricky's sweet little face and our love of Ricky speaks volumes. I wish that every mom and dad who were expecting a child with Down syndrome could meet each of the Reece's Rainbow families and see all the love we have for our kids. I so strongly believe that families would be so much better off if the diagnostic-centered and statistic-centered information that is given out by the medical profession was balanced with person-centered information. Talking to someone who has been there, who has first hand information about Down syndrome is huge! We are grateful they asked us to be a part of this campaign for these reasons.

Can't wait to get some news on our appointment at the SDA (State Dept of Adoption)....we keep praying!



  1. I hope you hear something Tuesday as well!! Maybe we'll both hear something big tomorrow.

    I think it's great that your daughter gets to go along--she will remember this forever! We're taking our 2 boys as well.


  2. Just had to write and tell you how adorable Ricky is! He has the prettiest red hair. What a cutie! You're going to have a lot of fun when Ross comes home!

  3. I think it's great that you're taking the kids. I did the same, and was SO glad. It will be wonderful for Lizzie, it's a perfect age to travel and see the world :)